School supply drive now underway

Every year HTLC and BTEC team up to to help School on Wheels of Massachusetts provide backpacks full of school supplies for Massachusetts children in kindergarten through second grade. Barbara Fox, a friend of our congregation, and Community Outreach Director for School on Wheels, says that all supplies are needed, but three items stand out as being in particularly low supply: washable markers, small personal pencil sharpeners that have a catcher for shavings, one subject notebooks.

Other items needed include crayons, pencils, pink 3 inch erasers, rulers, scissors, composition notebooks, and of course backpacks. Many stores have already had some specials such as Staples, Walmart and Target. Each store seems to have something different. For those who wish to participate, these items can be purchased and put in the bin in the narthex. Backpacks can be put next to the bin with the smaller items.

In mid August we will fill the backpacks that we have purchased. There are 10,000 backpacks needed for children in the Boston area. The Sunday when we fill the backpacks is always a joyful time as we help Massachusetts students go back to school. Thank you for participating as you are able!

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At Holy Trinity where we do our best to practice radical hospitality, heal a broken world, and find hope in the midst of life’s challenges.

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We celebrate the beauty of all God created in the beginning and we lament our planet crying out for mercy. 

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