Weddings and Funerals

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is open to hosting either a wedding or funeral in its building for any current members of the congregation. Current members need to contact the Pastor or Congregational President (if the Pastor is out of town) when requesting any part of the facility.

The current Pastor must be the presiding celebrant at the service, unless the Pastor has approved a different minister to preside. In addition, the Director of Music Ministries will be responsible for all music played at any ceremony, unless she designates a substitute.

There will be a standard charge of $200 for the minister and $200 for the Director of Music. In addition, there will may be a charge of $100 for the Sexton of the church, if required for setup and break down of any parts of the church. If music is above the norm for the event, the Director of Music may add a charge.

Use of additional space for either type of event is covered in our building use policy, available upon request.

If a non-member or past member wishes to use any part of the church for a wedding or a funeral, there will be a $1000 charge which will go into the Pastor’s discretionary fund. This is in addition to the charges for the Pastor, Director of Music, and Sexton listed above. All non-member requests must be approved by the Pastor and Church Council. The current Pastor must be the celebrant and the current Director of Music must be the musician at any event. The Pastor and the Church Council have the right to waive the above charge if circumstances require such a decision.