Anniversary Dinner & Generational Jeopardy, October 21, 2017

This month brings us to the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther publicly posintg 95 issues, or questions, that he had about words of scripture compared to current religious practices.

At the same time, we celebrate that back in 1892, 125 years ago, here in Easton, 20 households convened in Williams Hall to organize a Lutheran congregation as a legal corporation. Thanks to Elaine Sears and her faithful cohort of historians, that original charter has been found, cleaned and hung in the Fellowship Hall -- right over the coffee station where we can't miss it!

For Holy Trinity, this anniversary year centers on three different events: one for service, one for fun, and one for worship.

The service activity, headed by Allison and Allan Krajcik, was a busy, wonderful success. On Saturday, September 23rd, in the space of 6 hours, hundreds of community members appeared to package 28,800 meals that now fill local food banks. The energy, enthusiasm and laughter of that effort will echo through the rest of our anniversary events. 

This month, we aim to have fun. Please respond to your RSVP invitations for a dinner and evening of Generational Jeopardy. Your meal will be catered with thanks to funding from both Thrivent and our own Gifts and Bequests committee. After dinner, we will put your trivia knowledge from the 1950s to the 2000s -- from Holy Trinity and the culture at large -- to work to support your team.

If you have not already, please RSVP to Dawn Saunders 508-369-6747 or dawn.e.saunders [at] comcast [dot] net.