Facility Use

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Holy Trinity Lutheran Church’s primary purpose is to carry on the mission and ministry of the congregation. We desire to serve as an active and involved partner in the community and have a number of longstanding relationships with groups for ongoing use. We welcome you or your group to share our facilities.

So that all church members and outside groups can enjoy our facility, we ask that you follow these guidelines, sign and return the Property Use Agreement and Release Form.  If approved, a copy of the approved form will be returned to you.  If not approved, we will notify you as soon as practical.  Note: these forms are only to be used for one time or short-term recurring use.  If longer term use is desired, please contact the church office and speak with our Pastor.

Building use activities fall under the jurisdiction of the church office and are reviewed and approved by the Congregation Council.  We recommend submitting your request at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.  No commitment for building use is finalized until the Property Use Agreement and Release Form has been reviewed and approved through the church office.  Our first priority is to congregational programs and membership needs.  Priority is then given to non-profit groups that are supported by the church, other non-profit organizations and finally for-profit organizations. If the application is approved, the applicant should sign and date the application and pay any fees associated with the use.  Payment of fees must be received in the church office no later than 2 weeks in advance of use.  If the fee presents a hardship, please contact the Pastor to arrange an acceptable fee.

Approval for the use of the grounds and/or facilities of congregation does not constitute or imply endorsement of a group, its mission or its positions.  Groups approved to use congregational facilities are not to advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by the congregation.

Included in this guide are the following:

       Steps to Facility Use Scheduling

       Guidelines for Facility Use

       Facility Areas Description and Fee Schedule

       Property Use Agreement and Release Form

Steps to Facility Use Scheduling

  1. Obtain and complete the Property Use Agreement and Release Form from the church office or our website.
  2. Attach any additional information you feel might be useful in helping to determine if we can accommodate your group.
  3. Return the Property Use Agreement and Release Form to the church office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you will be notified whether it is approved or not approved.

Guidelines for Facility Use

CHURCH PROPERTY – Church property will not be loaned, borrowed, or removed from church premises without prior permission from the church office.  Church property, such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc. may be used when using the facility under the rules herein.

FACILITY CARE – The church area used by your group must be left clean and orderly with church furniture and property returned to its designated place. General, light clean-up of all space is expected.  Cleaning supplies are kept in the kitchen behind the hallway door and also in the small kitchen in the lounge.

KITCHEN RULES – The kitchen must be left clean and orderly after use.  All dishes, pots, pans, utensils, etc. are to be washed and returned to their cupboards and drawers.  Sinks are to be left clean and empty.  The coffee maker is to be left unplugged, clean and empty. Garbage and trash must be bagged and disposed in the dumpster behind the church.  Church foodstuffs, beverages, etc. are not to be used except for church sponsored activities.

FOOD AND DRINK – Food and drink should be limited to designated areas. Please attend to any spills immediately to avoid any long-term damage to carpet, furniture, etc.

SMOKING – All members of all groups using our facilities shall abide at all times by a “no smoking” rule within the building.  Smoking materials should be disposed of only in the smoking receptacles located outside the Fellowship Hall entrance door.

DECORATIONS – Decorations may only be attached to the walls or doors with removable tape that will not permanently damage the surface. All such decorations must be removed immediately and completely following the event.

SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH – The congregation seeks to provide a safe environment for children and youth Children must be supervised at all times and should remain within the area of use and not allowed to wander or play unsupervised.  There should be an appropriate ratio of adults to supervise children.

BUILDING USE – All groups agree that they will ensure that all event participants leave the building after the event.  Before leaving the facility, all users shall turn off all lights, including those in the restrooms, close all windows, and lock outside doors.  During the heating season, outside doors must be kept closed at all times.

STORAGE – Excess storage is very limited.  All individuals or groups using the facility will be responsible for storing accessories offsite unless prior arrangements have been made through the church office.

BREAKAGE – All persons and/or groups using our facilities are expected to exercise reasonable care and judgment in such use in order to prevent defacement, damage or breakage. The stage curtain should be operated by an adult.  The person(s) signing the application for use shall be responsible for paying any costs incurred by the church in cleaning, repairing, etc. any part of the building and/or its furnishings and equipment which in the judgment of the congregation has been carelessly or irresponsibly subjected to more than normal wear and tear by the person(s) or group(s) involved.

SECURITY – The congregation works to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility; however, no systems are foolproof.  We ask that all users pay close attention to personal property and valuables, not leaving them unattended. The congregation is not responsible for any theft or damage to personal property.

UNANTICIPATED SCHEDULING CONFLICTS – The congregation reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of unanticipated events, such as funerals. Notice will be provided as early as possible.

INSURANCE – Organizations may be asked to submit a certificate of insurance listing Holy Trinity Lutheran Church as an additional insured.

FINAL DECISIONS – In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these regulations, or in the customary practices not specifically mentioned here, the Congregation Council or their delegated representative shall decide the matter and all individuals and groups shall abide by the Congregation Council’s directions or forfeit the use of any part of the facility immediately.

Area Descriptions and Fee Schedules



Large, vaulted, sanctuary featuring stained glass windows and wooden pews, measuring approximately 2,500 square feet.

Capacity:      350 persons

Fee:               $65 per hour



Chapel, featuring stained glass windows, flexible seating, measuring approximately 600 square feet.

Capacity:      50 to 60 persons

Fee:               $25 per hour



Spacious, carpeted, air-conditioned room with mini-kitchen, measuring approximately 400 square feet.

Capacity:      25 persons

Fee:               $25 per hour




Three classrooms, each measuring approximately 315 square feet each.  A 4th larger room that can be divided by partition into two smaller rooms for meetings, work-space, etc., measuring approximately 630 square feet.

Fee:               $25 per hour

Fellowship Hall

Bright, spacious, open room, measuring approximately 1800 square feet, is directly accessible from the parking lot.  The hall has an elevated stage (approximately 360 square feet) that can be used for performances, presentations, etc. The hall can be arranged in any variety of seating arrangements.

Capacity:      200 persons seated auditorium style;
125 persons seated around tables

Fee:               $45 per hour




Kitchen (approximately 370 square feet) featuring large working island, two electric stoves, microwave, refrigerator, commercial-size coffee maker, dishes and utensils.

Fee:               $20 per hour

Fellowship Hall & Kitchen


Refer to descriptions and photos for Fellowship Hall & Kitchen.

Fee:               $65 per hour